Welcome to Nagasaki

Nagasaki has been affiliated with overseas for 400 years. 150 years ago, Nagasaki served as a window communicating with the outside world. At that time, students from all over the Japan came to Nagasaki to study, immersing themselves in foreign culture and knowledge . Welcome to Nagasaki, and build your dream here.
Studying abroad is not the final goal, but the first step towards your dream. Think twice and make a wise choice.

1. Why study in Japan
Before you come to Japan, ask yourself: what’s the goal of studying abroad? What qualification you might need, and what kind of ability you must have? Studying abroad with “just have a try” mindset is not a good idea. If with this “unconcerned mind”, the goal of your life will be quite confused. Think twice before you make a decision about studying abroad.

2. How to choose a major
What are your preferences? The universities provide programs like: economics, engineering, design, education, IT, Japanese language and culture, music, etc. Do some research before choosing your major. Additionally, your choice varies according to your level of Japanese language skill. And the universities also provide international programs that taught in English.

3. Where to study
Where to study in Japan? Are those big cities like Tokyo and Osaka your preferences? Or small city like Nagasaki your favorite?
Nagasaki is a quiet city with a low living cost, rich cultural background and beautiful environment. Studying in Nagasaki might be a wise choice.

4. When to start
When to start? After high school graduation, or during your bachelor phrase, or after your get your bachelor degree, or when you are already working? Take your time to arrange your thoughts. If you are considering studying abroad, plan early.
When you decide to study abroad, you need to start choosing a school as soon as possible. Admission procedure begins with Entrance examination. First step is to get the entrance admission from the school by passing the entrance exam, then you will need the form “Certificate of eligibility” which is applied under the aid of the school. After this, follows the application for study visa. The whole procedure takes 3-6 months. Plan carefully, prepare in advance.

5. Length of study
How long are you going to study in Japan? As almost all the programs are taught in Japanese, the length of your study program is determined by your language skill level. After your high school graduation, you will spend 6 months to 2 years in language school. If you decide to study in “college” , it takes 2-4 years. In university, you will spend 4 years (for some majors like medical science, pharmacy and dentistry, it takes 6 years). For junior college, it takes 2 years. The length of your program varies according to different education institutes, so it is important to make your choice based on your Japanese language skill.

6. Tuition fee and living cost
Let’s calculate the cost of studying in Japan. Tuition fees + accommodation cost + traffic expenses + living cost. Different schools provide various tuition fee waiver and scholarships. Take those into account and estimate your own cost.

7. If you have any other questions, please consult the information desk in university.

Application and admission

Preparation and procedure

Admission procedure Please check the information about application for admission, entrance examination, and selection rule via (http://nagasaki-issc.org/留学希望の方/長崎の大学/)Submit application form and other documents
Participate entrance examination
If you pass the exam, please follow the procedure below
Certificate of eligibility
Study visa
“study visa” is needed if you go to study in Japan, before you apply for “study visa”, you need a “certificate of eligibility” first
Pass the entrance exam, get admission to school
Apply for “certificate of eligibility” in Immigration Bureau of Japan (IBJ)n with the help of university
Submit “certificate of eligibility” that is verified by Immigration Bureau of Japan
“certificate of eligibility” will be mailed to you or to the school
Apply for “study visa” in the Japanese Embassy or Consulate nearby
Receive “study visa”
Necessary items list 1.necessary item list
* other important documents, tuition fees, please check the information
・Study visa
・Flight tickets
・Photos (2-inch)

*You will need lots of 2-inch photos, prepare in advance. color photos preferred.
Stamp will be needed when signing contract with banks, housing agency or telephone company. Prepare your personal stamp especially in countries like Japan where stamp is commonly used.
Please bring prescription along with.(in English or Japanese)
The new environment, food, and climate are not easy to adapt for foreigners, so it is necessary to bring some daily medicine. Be careful, some medicine are on prohibited drug list.
Japan have 4 seasons and climate changes a lot. Bring some clothes that can fit in any situation.
・Japanese yen
Japanese yen is the currency in Japan. Prepare some yen before hand. The cash limit you can bring varies, bring the amount that can cover your living cost and accommodation cost. Please consult the information desk. For some banks in Nagasaki, certain foreign currency are not on the exchange list, confirm that before hand

【Entry (attention notice)】
<Entry from airport to university>
1. Fill up entry form. Fill up the entry form when you are on the plane in order to get entry admissions
2. Letter of acceptance and “Certificate of eligibility” ready in hand so that you can show up the documents when being asked to by custom officer.
2. Do not bring meat, fruit, and prohibited drugs or other prohibited items
3. If you request for an airport pick-up service, please inform the international office about the arrival date and time, airport name, and flight number
4. There is a bus line that links Fukuoka airport to Isahaya and Nagasaki.
5. There is a bus line that links Nagasaki airport to Nagasaki, Isahaya and Sasebo.
6. It would be cheaper if you buy coupon tickets for a double or 4 persons with your friends

For more information, please check
Fukuoka Airport
Nagasaki Airport

【Before your academic study】
1. Please check the accommodation information here
2. There will be a welcome party for oversea students
3. For residence registration procedure, please go to the city hall
4. In order to keep your cash safe, pay fees, and receive remittance, international students need to open a bank account.
5. There will be opening ceremony and introduction week (giving assist on city hall registration, course registration, books purchasing, etc.)
6. The orientation includes important information like daily life info, study info, etc, Please be there.

【Residence Card】
You will receive a residence card if you are staying in Japan for more than 3 months.
1. In Narita airport, Haneda airport, Chubu airport and Kansai airport, you can pick up your residence card immediately. Or you will receive your residence card via post mail after you register in the city hall.
2. After you receive your residence card, please bring your residence card to the local city for registration within 14 days. If you move to another place in Japan, please register your new address in the local city hall within 14 days. Please consult your school coordinator for more details

■Information about study in Japan
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