【Our expectation】
Nagasaki has a long history linking itself to the world outside. Embracing to the world outside, Nagasaki brought in new technology and innovation, playing an important role in modernization process of Japan. Following this tradition, we establish the Nagasaki International Student Support Center(NISSC).
Nagasaki International Student Support Center (NISSC) belongs to the consortium that is managed by 28 organizations in total, including local enterprises, cultural exchange associations, local governments, universities, and junior colleges, etc. NISSC supports international students’ life, study, and employment in Nagasaki, and helps to maintain their connection with Nagasaki prefecture.

28organizations of Nagasaki International Student Support Consortium (2018.3.31 present)

Nagasaki University、 University of Nagasaki、 Kwassui Women’s University、 Nagasaki Wesleyan University、Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies、Nagasaki International University、Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University、Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science

Junior College
Nagasaki Women’s Junior College、
Nagasaki Junior College

Sasebo National College of Technology

Local Chamber of Commerce and International Groups
Core Communicate in Nagasaki, Nagasaki Employers’ Association, Nagasaki Association of Corporate Executives, Junior Chamber International Nagasaki, Nagasaki International association, Nagasaki UNESCO,Junior Chamber International Sasebo, Nagasaki YMCA, Matsufuji Scholarship Foundation,Nagasaki-ken Medical Association, NAGASAKI urban management strategy promotion conference

Government organization
Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki city, Sasebo city, Isahaya city, Omura city, Nagayo town

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